About Trogsoft

Trogsoft has been around since 1996, but for many of those years we've been on hiatus. We're back now, though.

Trogsoft has been around since 1996 when we were focused on developing games and tools for the Commodore Amiga platform. Many of these are still available on Aminet if anyone still has the appropriate kit and wants to take a look.

Most of these are fairly rudimentary, if they even run at all. They were written in Blitz Basic, as I recall.

We now write mostly software for Windows and the web where our development technologies include Microsoft C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, CSS (LESS), node.js and related stuff. We started our Windows development in Delphi 5 in early 2000, which was accompanied by our first foray into having a web presence. I don't have screenshots of those early websites, but there are a few earlier examples.

This one is from 2002 just before our most popular product to date was released - SendTo 1.6.


SendTo 1.6 was a tool designed for Windows 2000 and XP to allow quick copying/moving of files to another location. Right clicking on a file, folder or selection of files would bring up the Windows context menu, from there you could click 'Send To > Any Location' and invoke SendTo. You then had the option to send files to any folder on your computer, any FTP server on the internet, or any application on your computer.

There's precious need for such a tool now, so SendTo 1.6 is no longer avalable. SendTo 2.0 development was cancelled in 2005.

This screen shot is our website from 2009 when we switched completely to using C#. DomainFind was an unfinished tool written using C# which allowed you to search an Active Directory domain for certain criteria, such as computers where users were logged on, or where software was installed.

enter image description here

Finally, here's a screenshot of a period when we attempted to diversify into web services such as web hosting, dedicated servers and so on. This was one out more profitable times, but focusing away from our core area of software development was, in hindsight, a mistake.

enter image description here

From here, we plan to move quite slowly. We have plans for a number of products, but historically we have announced them too early, long before we have a plan for delivery and everything eventually goes wrong. We will be adopting more of an agile approach, releasing code regularly and offering it to our potential users for comment as early as possible. We hope you'll join us along the way.